Use Epson R260 CD/DVD Print Tray for Canon

Is this possible? I know it’s not really worth it to pay $85 for a DVD tray but at Staples, there is a deal where you get $75 off an Epson Printer when you buy a certain digital camera and my sister wants a better camera anyway. Thanks in advance for your replies.

You can buy a Canon tray on Ebay for about $17 shipped. I got one from the guy in San Francisco, it’s a genuine Canon tray and even included a CD with all the instructions for modding a printer to print discs. Just be sure you’re getting the right tray.

I know but then I’d have only one printer. To me, this seems like a better deal unless of course the Epson would not work with the Canon or it would work but it wouldn’t print right. So back to my initial question, is that possible? And does the Canon Pixma MP830 have the function to print on dvds with a tray and also if you knew, does it have a autofeeding photo tray?

And also, is one Canon printer better at dvd printing than another one. For example, is the Canon iP4500 a better dvd printer than the MP830? And if so, what auto feeding photo scanner would you or another person on this forum recomend?

Most of this info is available at the Canon website.

The Epson disc tray will not work in a Canon. The MP830 and the IP4500 appear to use the same print engine.

Do you know if the Canon Mp830 can auto feed photos because that’s basically the only reason besides the cd/dvd printing that I want it. Or do you think a different, separate scanner would be better for that purpose. If you don’t know, then I’ll just post a new thread about it in the general hardware forum.

Hey Dan,

Can you tell me which tray will fit the IP4500 so I know what to look for on Ebay?


[QUOTE=Fuzzbukkett;2107164]Hey Dan,

Can you tell me which tray will fit the IP4500 so I know what to look for on Ebay?

Tray F


I have an iP4600 cd/dvd printer, and I have a problem when printing directly on the dvd. After printing, the dvd comes out with an inner white circle at the inner edge of the dvd!

Can someone recommend a software that is able to allow me to print with a full template? or else I can use Nero Express 7 but I need to have the correct template of Tray G that suits my printer!

I hope someone can help me to solve this problem!

Thanks in advance

which software you are using? if you are using cd label print from canon then software allows you to create your own template for inner and outer circle size.

go to file then select paper then Press New. you can make your own template.