Use DRM to protect mp3 files

Hello Guys,

I’ve had read some cool information on this forum about DRM.
I am a DJ and I make music. I export them into mp3 and wma. files.
Is there a way to protect them with an DRM manage tool???

Exampe: that someone could lissen 10 times to the music file.
And when that limit is reached he will get linked to my website.

I hope this is possible.
Thanks for your time. :wink:


Is there anyone who can help me plz??

AFAIK there isn’t a DRM scheme for MP3 or they’d be using it. WMA, OTOH, has ‘too many’ DRM extensions.

Hmm this aint helping me… i already understood this wont work with mp3… I use wma. but how could i get the pop-up??? :rolleyes: