Use CDRWs for SD2 with plex?

This idea is presented in the following thread:

Has anyone tried this with success? Will anyone try this and report back on what happened? I assume that the CDRWs are unformatted to begin with.

I tried CDRWs with CCD4 on TW2002 and MOHAA. I used only the default game settings. Both played flawlessly in the Tosh SD-M1502! OMG, whoever thought of this is either brilliant or lucky!

Try high speed CDRWs. I believe that they may play on any reader.

Post your results here and let us all know.

I’ve tried backing up MOHAA with my Plex 40x using Memorex 4x-10x CDRWs. These only work in my Plex drive. I’m going to search for and buy those TDK 4x-10x CDRWs that you mentioned in the other thread, and give those a try. Maybe I’ll have better luck with those.

I too had some good news to report to this thread. My Plex 2410A - TLA 0101 - FW 1.03 - CCD4 made a backup copy of Sims Vacation using default game settings with the Memorex high speed CD/RW disks. I can’t tell you how perfect the copy is, but it does work in an LG Electronics CD unit, and for me that is good enough. Maybe we found something here with the Memorex CD/RW disks, but I do think it is CCD4.

I do need to try CDR’s again, to see if they will work with CCD4, because I have never been able to make a working backup copy of SD 2.51 with CCD3. MOHAA is the next disk I will try, and will post the result when I find the time to do it.

I suggest that all Plex 2410A owners out there that post replies to this thread give details of TLA#, copy medium, FW#, and CCD#. Perhaps if we get enough replies to what does, and what does not work, we can narrow down what we can do to make some working copies.

IMHO, I think that CCD4 does give hope to Plex owners, as I was not able to make backup copies with CCD3 using the Memorex disks previously. It will be interesting to see if any useful information comes out of this thread…