Use BWA file?

In all the tutorials I’ve read on how to backup a game using Blindwrite, they say to check the use BWA file if needed box. However, I cannot find the box to check it. I’m using version 4.27. Am I missing something or does the program automatically include the BWA file in this version?

It’s missing. It woul;d be nice to have it back.

so then how do I make 2 copies of a game…one without the BWA and one with so that I can install and use it to play the game? Do I have to make a copy, then delete the BWA file from the directory and do another copy? Does this new version of Blindwrite automatically include the bwa file when burning?

I mentioned this in another thread, If the box is there and I can check it at least it appears to be using it. We do need it back.

so what actually happens if the check box is not there? Does Blindwrite use the .BWA file or not? And how do we make a backup of a game with and without the .BWA file?

If it’s in the same folder and has the same name.* then it will be used

Thank You