Use a USB stick as DVD-9

Okay, sorry if this sounds stupid or plain impossible:

Thing is I have a portable DVD player in the back of my car for my kids.
It also has a USB connector which work fine and nicely shows the files listed.
Now these days an 8GB USB stick doesn’t cost a fortune no more, so I was wondering to have about 15 DIVx cartoons on it for long trips. But since they’re not old enough yet to easily fo through the text listing, I was seeing it bigger :wink:
What if I could create sort of DVD menu (like you can create with convertxtodvd) but running from the USB stick. Okay, I don’t know if the portable DVD drive will recognize it, I doubt it, it still seems a good idea.
In my opinion the dvd drvie will simply show the video_ts and audio_ts directories. hm, … I answered my own question didn’t I?

Well, still posting it, if anyone else wants to discuss this.

The player usually has its own folder structure.
Just put the flicks on the stick and try it out.

Ain’t gonna happen.

[QUOTE=MysticEyes;2279794]Ain’t gonna happen.[/QUOTE]:iagree::iagree::iagree: YUP