Use a CD-R after a write error?

Guess this is a typical newbie question…:bigsmile:

I have several CD-R’s that have write produced errors after the first few bytes of writing (because I set the writing speed too high). I know I can still use them - e.g. to draw circles on a piece of paper, or to put them under the leg of a table to stop it from wobbling.

But, is there ANY way I can ever write data on them again? Maybe a new, magnificent eraser-repair-recovery program, that will tell my writer: Hey forget the first track, this is still a cool 649MB CD, just go ahead and use it?

Are you talking about a CD-RW disc or a CD-R? You know CD-R’s can only be used once, you can’t erase them :slight_smile:
Unless of course you made a multisession CD-R, but I don’t think you can fit anymore data on it if you burned 649 meg allready :slight_smile:

If you are talking about a CD-RW disc, then just full-erase it and write again at a lower speed :slight_smile:
Or maybe the program won’t let you erase it?
Would be nice if you could clarify a little :slight_smile:

CD-Rs. And they still have 649MB that’s NOT written on. I know you can’t erase them, but I thought that maybe someone has written a program that can DESTROY the part that has already been written on, so the rest can be used like a new disk. Well, probably just wishful thinking…:wink:


No surprise…:wink: Anyway, thanks for the reply!

It is not completely impossible, but it depends on the first track.
When the first burn was about 640 mb you can forget it: The table of content has been written and that is where the reader (or writer) gets the information from.
You can see this when you burn a audio cd and it turns into a coaster at the first track. When you put the cd into a audio cd player the player sees all the tracks that were ment to be written on the cd (say 13)
when you want to play track number 3 it just can’t find the track
But when the first track is written (and it stalled and you want to make a multisession disc) You can close this session and try a second session on this disc.
Remember that the writer recoginezes the first session as being written so you lose all the intended mb’s, but you can use the rest.
You can try to repair the disc with directcd from roxio