Use 1 HDMI output to connect 2 screens



Here’s the deal, I need to use a laptop with HDMI output to connect to 2 external monitors also with HDMI, and have extended desktop. The desktop starts at the laptop’s screen and goes through the external monitors.

Is that possible? How to?


yes you need hdmi spliter not a switcher if you live m by a frys they have them if not here is some on amazon


But with a HDMI splitter, the image will be the same on both external monitors, am I right? I need extended desktop, using notebook’s display + 2 monitors, to have maximum workspace.


That isn’t possible over HDMI.

The only ports which support 1 output to multiple monitors (daisy chained) with unique images on the monitors is Thunderbolt or DisplayPort. It would have to supported by the GPU & computer as well as the monitors used.


They do make USB video cards: