USCG begins re-filing dismissed Hurt Locker & Far Cry P2P cases

USCG begins re-filing dismissed Hurt Locker & Far Cry P2P cases.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The reprieve that John Doe defendants had when Hurt Locker and Far Cry mass copyright infringement cases were dismissed due to jurisdiction issues didn’t last very long.

As promised, the group of prosecuting attorneys working under the name U.S. Copyright Group (USCG) has begun re-filing cases on behalf of movie studios, in district courts that have jurisdiction over the geographical areas where the crime of illegally sharing the films on P2P networks allegedly took place.

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Since they are suing everyone individually, if we all fight it and drag it out in court, they would go out of business before they’ll see a dime.

I am coming to the conclusion these lawsuits are being filed to get the easy cash from the defendants that cave in early and pay the settlement offer. Otherwise there is really no other reason to file them since it doesn’t stop illegal downloads. I don’t think they ever intend to fight every case in court.