USBDrive Failure



My Buffalo USB External 500GB Sata drive failed. Buffalo tells me that I can remove the drive from the case and connect it in my desktop PC drive bay. I presently have IDE drives in my PC. Can I combine the SATA drive with the IDE drive? Do I need special connector cables to connect to the mother board?


You will need a SATA connector on the motherboard (virtually every motherboard made in the last five years will have some) and you’ll need a SATA data cable and a SATA power connector. Most power supplies that come with modern computers will have a few SATA power connectors, but you can also get an adapter that will plug into one of the regular molex power connections.

And you’ll need some screws to fasten the drive in place

If the drive itself is still good this should work.


Yes you can hook your USB drive out of the case to your desktop

But since you say your computer is all IDE, it’s likely you will need different cables (both power and data)
that your desktop are unlikely to provide without a cable adapter
(SATA drives use different power cables) and a SATA controller card
(this fits in one of your PCI slots and will require some computer
knowledge to install.

Some computers equipped with IDE drives have SATA jacks and a power supply with a SATA power plug

My older (2004-ish) Desktop has both kinds of drives and my power supply will power either type.

Then again if the HDD inside your USB drive failed because for example… it was dropped?

It’s probably as dead as any roman emperor you’d care to name and you have thus lost the data on it.

But you could put any new 9.5mm SATA notebook drive into that enclosure and move on with your life…




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There are various sata to IDE adapters available in the market, but is preferable to connect sata drives to a sata controller to avoid problems.

If your mainboard has no sata controller, you can get a PCI card at a reasonable price :slight_smile:

An easier alternative, however, is to get a new external box. There are many that allow to use both IDE and SATA HDDs :slight_smile:

oooops I was too slow :doh: