USB3.0 to use fibre to provide 10x speed boost

I just posted the article USB3.0 to use fibre to provide 10x speed boost.

From the time USB first launched, it has become a major success, first with taking over the bulky slow parallel and SCSI cables that use to attach printers and scanners to later hooking up all sorts…

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Fiber optics is notoriously fragile stuff. Don’t kink it or it breaks. Did they solve this problem?

actually new fiber is better and more flexible however is still the more fragile cable out there. but the thinner the strands the more flex it gets. so i don’t think this will be a problem, and fiber is the future. :g

Fibre is our friend.

hmm, how will usb3.0 devices like flash drives get their power from? tiny embedded solar panels? :+

@ Truman Solar panels? Dude, stop talking crazy. USB 3.0 devices will be nuclear powered. Everyone knows that.

Huh. OK. In pretty much every other industry, there’s been a … let’s call it moderation (vs. full retreat) in the use of fiber. For one thing, improvements in copper have narrowed the speed advantage, fiber remains fragile despite some improvement, and – most importantly – while fiber is fast while it works, it’s not even close to copper when it comes to durability. I have to think that’s going to be an issue in an application that entails things like constantly plugging/unplugging the cable, coiling it up, and tossing it in a bag along with your external hard drive for the car ride home. I guess I’ll have to reserve judgment until I see it in action. EDIT Incidentally, fiber is also a royal pain to manufacture and work with. Ever try to terminate a fiber line? It requires special tools and lots of practice. I think three people on the planet are making it, and it requires clean room operations. You think USB cables are expensive now?
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I don’t know about fibre, never used it. I always thought ethernet cable was fragile. Everytime I’m drinking at a LAN party and trip on it, it never seems to work after that. Network card is usually busted to. Then I gotta find someone who is sober to drive me all the way to Best Buy and buy a new one. By the time I get everything installed I’m sober, and I have to start all over. Seems to me ethernet needs to be made more stable. I should be able to trip on it at least three or four times before it stops working. I think the same requirements should apply to fibre as well.
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@ chsbiking Have you thought about not drinking? Seriously, go to a quiet room and think about it for awhile. :slight_smile:

a drunk geek, now thats funny. i craw the floor, but never tripped.

i assume that the optical route it’s not as bad as people make out, after all spdif/toslink works great. USB i imagine will be more upto date and be made part of the legacy usb standard connector to make it backward compatable and provide power. only thing is that if the optical link is pressent than it works a $hit load faster.
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I thought about it long and hard. But then I had to go to the store because I ran out of beer.

Hmmmm I’m with everyone who thinks it will be too fragile. Why not just make USB cable thicker instead, so more wires can fit inside? I dunno, but as someone said, people are unplugging cables, tossing them around ALL the time. Fragile cables = not going to work.

thik about it yer travelling at the speed of light with optics thats a no brainer