USB2 TDK 48x or Iomega 48X a Liteon

I would like to know if either a TDK 48x16x48x USB2 or an Iomega 48x24x48x USB2 is a Liteon? What are my chances one of them is? I hope someone can give me a clue to finding out.


LiteOn never made a 48x16x drive, if that helps.

It helps about 50% but that gets it down to one. So it is a big help.

The problem is that they don’t seem to care about USB2 and it is so far behind. I guess I will buy the Iomega. I just hope it is a good choice as I really want a Liteon USB2. Of course, I’d could wait but that looks a long way as they seem to let other companies get this stuff of theirs out first.



Look for a Buslink USB that says SmartBurn on the box.

Great tip! Too bad I am going shopping with my wife today as it would be hard to buy more of what she calles my “toys”. But maybe I can make her a deal and buy her some new shoes as she is not into computers except as a fancy typewriter. <g>.

I guess I can’t tell from online. Priceline did not have it and the Buslink site did not talk about Smartburn (or if they did I missed it).

Why not get one online?

There’s photos there too that’ll help you identify a drive by sight.

Newegg was a good site but I couldn’t tell except for the real Liteon 40x. The picturees were great and the 40x Liteon was pretty unique looking but I couldn’t be sure of any of the 48x or 52x drives. I kind of wanted a 48x USB2 but only a Liteon but I am beginning to think there are none as no one says Smart Burn except the Liteon.

The 40x LiteOn is also available as a Cendyne. But these are different from the 48x models, which are just internal IDE drives that have been fitted in an external case. You can do the same thing for the same price, or less, than the TDK or Iomega. Just get an IDE drive and a USB2 case and put them together.

Here’s a nice Belkin case. Note that it has a cooling fan, many do not. Cooling is a very good idea.

Yes, I got one by accident with a Liteon 52X inside but I don’t want it. I didn’t send it back so it is sitting in my closet. I want a real USB2 but a rebadgered Liteon so it is bit perfect.

You think there are no USB2 Liteon’s over 40x, is that right? I guess it is so and I will have to buy one of the 40x ones. There is a TDK that is supposed to be USB2 48x. That’s how I bought my Liteon52x IDE drive as a TDK 48x which I then flashed to 52x. But Liteon had no made their 52x available at that tine and let TDK bring theirs out first. I guess it is different now.

Thanks for all of your help. In an hour or so I guess I will buy the 40x Liteon USB2 from NewEgg.


You think there are no USB2 Liteon’s over 40x, is that right?

No that’s not what I meant. The 40x external model is an external designed drive with the pop-up top loading. This is the only external drive that LiteOn makes. You may find re-badged models from Cendyne, Memorex, etc, but they will all be 40x. All the others are internal IDE drives that are installed in an external case.

That’s what I thought you said; the only Liteon true USB2 is the 40X. The Cendyne or any other brand using a true Liteon USB2 will be limited to 40x. The other 48x’s or 52x’s which are rebadgered Liteon’s will be an IDE Liteon in a USB2 case.

Too bad. Okay though now I will now buy the Liteon 40x USB2. I had thought that maybe the TDK 48x had gotten a jump on things, but I guess not.

Thanks again.

There’s 2 external drives listed at the LiteOn site, one is 40x12x and the other is 40x24x

I know what’s listed on the Liteon site. I even sent them an e-mail trying to give me a location where I could get the 40x24x 40x but they didn’t answwer and I couldn’t find it anywhere. It may be out there but I couldn’t find it and I tried like crazy figuring that might be upgradable by flash later on. I just ordered the 40x12X40X out of frustration as I wanted it when my new computer arrives.

If you know where a 40x24x40x is, I would be in your debt. And I still might be able to cancel the order I just placed.

They will likely be different chipsets, and therfore “unflashable”

I would still like to find a Liteon USB2 40x24x40x. So if anyone looks at this thread and knows where one is I would appreciate it.