Usb2 speed message

as you all seem to know what your stuff and i am somewhat perplexed, maybe some genius could help me with my little problem.

i have a packard bell igo laptop, about a year old, with four usb2 ports(?)
but when i plug an external drive into any of them, i recieve the message “high speed device connected to a low speed port”.

asked man in pc world,(maybe not a good idea!!), who says that its my computer and that it is probably usb1.1 and telling fibs!

Are your usb ports 2.0 compatible do they have full support for usb 2.0 ?

how do i find out about compatibility?

Have a look at the manual…

The question why I ask this: A usb port which is only compatible with 2.0 recognizes Usb 2.0 devices, but data exchange is only at usb 1.1 speed, whereas “REAL” usb 2.0 ports give you full speed.

I assume that is your problem…

I get this as well so I know.

Basically it is telling you that you have connected a USB2.0 compatible device to a USB1.1 socket.

sounds like an answer. thanks everyone.

would it help if i bought a pcmcia card usb2 port?