USB2 not recognised

I’ve recently discovered that the 2 usb ports at the back of my machine are USB2. My delight at this discovery was shortlived when on plugging my BTC DVD writer into the port, I received the standard message informing me that the device would not run at optimum speed (I’m using XP home). Having looked in the device manager I found a generic USB Mass storage Device driver, but nothing for USB2. I would have expected to see a USB2 Mass storage device. Am I correct? I’ve ferreted around on the web and the general consensus of opinion points to problem with Service Pack 2, which I’d downloaded only a few days previously. It seems this problem is not universal as not all USB2 users are having this problem (I’ve also read it can affect firewire in the same way). By the way, I’ve tried uninstalling all USB drivers and let plug and play do its work, but I ended up with the same set of drivers, none of them USB2. Can you guys help here?

PS. I captured the video from my camcorder using standard USB and found the results jerky. Is this due to frame loss as result of using an ‘inferior’ data transfer cable? I’m sorry to be so demanding guys, but at the minute I’m hugely disappointed after paying so much for my Sony camcorder only to find that XP seems to be a stumbling block against the production of quality video. I swear I’m going for an iMac next time.

try updating motherboard chipset drivers. flash BIOS to latest revision [if you can find one]. bios update should be available from motherboard maker’s web site.

If you have a DV camcorder then to get the best results use a Firewire connection for video transfer. All new motherboards come with a firewire connection. all you will need is a firewire lead

I have the same problem with my USB ports as well. I have a ASUS P4C800E Deluxe board and when I plug in a USB device, I get the same error as well. I have checked the BIOS to make sure that the ports are set correctly and made sure that I have the latest BIOS but I still get this error.

If I find out anything I will post back here.


Thanks for the advice guys.

The USB 2.0 driver doesn’t come w/ the new mobo BIOS flash, but your mobo is anything like mine, it’ll be on the Utilities/Drivers CD that comes w/ mobo.

Maybe a bit late for reply; did you resolve your problem, giffer?

I’m using a ASUS P4B533-E mobo and I’ve been capturing and editing DV video using Premiere with excellent results. But last week I bought an external MPEG2 encoding device from Plextor, and now I can’t use it because of the USB ports not running on 2.0 (HI-SPEED) and instead just delivering 1.1. I’ve also got XP PROF with SP2, but I did a repair install, and now it’s only XP with SP1. Still it doesn’t work.

I’ve got the latest drivers from ASUS on USB 2.0, and uninstalled the ROOT HUB. Strangely enough, the Device Manager reports “USB 2.0 Enhanced”, but at the same time gives a yellow excklamation mark. It also gives me the contradicting message “A HI-SPEED USB Device attached to a non HI-SPEED USB port”. XP then suggests to resolve the problem, listing up all six USB ports as 2.0 - argh! The agony! :frowning:

I’ve switched between all six ports and still get the same result. Anyone got the answer?

By plugging my Liteon external drive into a single USB port rather than hub with multiple connections I no longer get the message “A HI-SPEED Device etc etc” (VIA Chipset Mobo). Whether the damn things running at USB 2.0 speeds God only knows. How can you tell? Device manager doesn’t mention USB2.0 and all the drivers are up to date. The bios is enabled for USB2.0. The drive itself seems to work fine.

I also use an external DVD drive. The difference can be traced if you look at the speed. I compared it to my built-in DVD drive and the external is a little bit quicker. That can be considered okay even taking into account the difference of writing speed. In Device Manager my PC has under USB Controllers: USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller.

Not true. Many “value” boards do not offer firewire. Though, you could always add a PCI firewire card (assuming you have a free PCI slot).

*NOTE: Beyond this point is a little humor, and is only to be read if you want to waste time.

It is my opinion that USB is :a EVIL :a when attempting to use for any type of fast, reliable and consistant data transfer. [OK, I admit, many people don’t have problems with USB… but I have a problem with it. :stuck_out_tongue: ]

… ok, ok, don’t flame me, I don’t mean this to be a flame. For those of you who are not psychic and don’t know how to tell when text is being sarcastic (mainly me, when I reread my own post), I am just poking fun at USB… with my firewire. :wink: