USB2 external enclosure / adapter

I want to get a USB2 external adapter for my 822a, got any suggestions?

Good LUCK !!!
There are many threads in this Forum dealing with this subject. Many long time BenQ Freaks have told me that BQ screws up USB support over and over again. In Europe, the have a EW822U version. Special Firmware for the enclosed DW822A to make sure it works.

Make sure if you BUY an enclosure that you can return it for refund if it doesn’t work !!!

I have a DW800A in a Coolmax FW/USB 2.0 enclosure and it works fine with either interface. I have it on USB 2.0 and occasionally, after a burn, the system does not recognize the drive. I simply switch it off and then on and it is immediately recognized. That is the only problem that I have.

I know the CoolMax Case does work with BenQ DW8xxA drives extremely well in Firewire mode (Oxford911) but extremely BAD in USB mode because it uses the Cypress ChipSet. With Cypress the range is 5X-6.5x. With other ChipSets the USB should be 8x !!!