USB2 drives no longer recognised

Hi all - hoping for some assistance. I can no longer access any USB drives on the front panel of my HP pavilion a1550a PC. The PC has 3 front USB 2 slots and 4 slots at the rear of the machine. The back slots are working as I run my mouse and a couple of other pieces of hardware off them.

The front slots recognise when a USB stick is inserted and its make but immediately want to run the Found New Hardware Wizard and then shows “an error occurred during the installation of the device. The data is invalid”.

I’ve run a driver diagnostic or three and they refer to ATI SMBus drivers. I’ve chased all over the place to try and find a free driver update for this without success.

Any recommendations about how I can fix this problem would be appreciated.

Thanks all


It looks like you have a motherboard with an ATI chipset.

Try downloading the latest drivers from your motherboards manufacturers website …
Hint when you first turn your computer on, the manufacturer & model will flash up on screen … prepare to hit the “Pause Button”.

Download the drivers for the motherboard chipset.

Since you are using USB mouse, it gets slightly more complex.

Install the drivers, and then right click on “My Computer” ->Properties
If you’re running winxp, you can click on the “Device manager” tab, vista or W7b, you click on the Device manager link in the left pane.

Select View->Devices by connection.

Most likely in the PCI bus, you need to find the USB devices. Click the plusses to expand them. Find your mouse … and don’t delete it :wink:
Delete all the USB HOST CONTROLLER’s (except the one that’s connecting to your mouse) and then reboot your computer.

On next startup, windows will detect the USB devices & reinstall the updated drivers.

You can also try just deleting all the USB devices (except the one that your mouse is connected to) and rebooting. It’ll probably also do the same job, without getting the latest drivers.