USB2.0 enclosure + DDW-082

Anyone had a NU DDW-082 in a USB2.0 enclosure ??

I have a VIPOWER that works perfectly in my lite-on 811s and LG 4480B but not even recognise the DDW-082. :confused:

Any experiences related will be welcome !! :sad:

I have my DDW-082 in a Bytecc ME-320U2 enclosure (about $31 at newegg).
It seems to work fine, I have burned several discs at 8x with no problems with the drive in this case. Lately I have use the drive to mostly do quality checks using CDspeed3 and DVDinfoPro, and works fine for that as well.

Using 2 ByTecc dual-link boxes here, 082 is in one of them. No problems, NewEgg has the whole line of ByTecc boxes for 1/2 of what they run at CompUSA.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Try to set your DDW-082 from master to slave/cable select, it may solve your problem. My picky Pioneer DVD-114 works by slave jumper-setting.