USB Tv Tuner card not taking sound/ bad audio

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last week i bought a a trident Analog plus Digital Video USB tuner card to capture TV to my thoshiba laptop with intel centrino processor and with OS as windows XP with service pack3. the original software supposed to be used was WINPVR but as the driver CD which contained it was corruptd the shope gave us Ulead video studio 11 installed. this gives me a good picture but there is no sound for that. it shows the option as CD audio and Linein for audio but i dont have a line in pin for my laptop. then i tried to connect the audio output fron tv to laptop’s mic pin and record using a reducer. but the sound quality is too bad and i hear a huge humming like sound over the original sound. can any one help to solve it or help me to download WINPVR recording software.

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many laptops don’t have line-in, but mic-in only. The consequence is distorted audio.
You may check the driver options of your onboard audio if you can switch the mic-in to line-in signal.

An additional option: some USB TV devices to configure audio options. Perhaps there is some “audio via USB” switch available somewhere in the drivers options. Or you need the original software for your TV device. In case the vendor fails to replace it, you may contact the manufacturer or distributor for a replacement.

If your TV device has an analog tuner, you may try different software like K!TV, which is free software.


Where do you live?

Because analogue tv should be already obsolete these days…

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the supplier provided with WinDVD creator, although it is out dated and new releases came for this software, it works well with the card :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=chef;2305666]Where do you live?

Because analogue tv should be already obsolete these days…[/QUOTE]
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first of all its the brand name of the company. now a days the TV tuner comes as Hybrid tuners, analog tuning is not fully out. also most have composite video or S-Video as analog input.

[QUOTE=chef;2305666]Because analogue tv should be already obsolete these days…[/QUOTE]Here in .de, analog cable TV is still standard, DVB-C is optional (yet).


I talked about terrestrial tv, named DVB-T.

[QUOTE=chef;2309223]I talked about terrestrial tv, named DVB-T.[/QUOTE]No, you didn’t. At least not in post #3 :stuck_out_tongue: