Usb tuner (HD?) 35$ shipped

This tuner is on sale (newegg newsletter subscribers only) for 35$ shipped. Am I correct that this is an HD tuner? Seems good for the price.

Fyi, you might be able to subcribe now and get the deal (I did it with a video card). I’m not sure how long the sale lasts.

Yes, this is an HD tuner… it supports up to 1080i.

Great deal, I might get one to try

DVICO tuners are amazing, but a lil more pricey

I would hope they would be good for those prices. If you want to go a little cheaper, many people say the haupage cards (specifically the 1600 for cheap hd) are good. Of course the haupage are 90$ on newegg. I couldn’t resist 35$ shipped and got one. I hope its decent.

Not sure if anyone ordered one but I got mine today and I cannot complain. I was right about one thing I was gambling on. I cannot get good SD analog tv reception for anything, but with a digital tuner its crystal clear (though I have to mess with the antenna when changing channels a bit). I mainly wanted it for a good enough picture to capture and record tv shows so its good for that. I got 28 channels to come in (most come in very well) with the supplied software but nero only found 11 with the same antenna? medio didn’t work with it. The included software is chesey but it works (not lots of options). So far so good.

Nice Price, too bad, doesn’t have clearQAM

This is just a regular DVB-T tuner, nothing about HD because DVB-T2 is not even finalized as standard.

Its really a pretty basic unit and the software is just as basic. I’m running into things like it can only record to your documents/my video folder (havent figured out how to change the save location if you even can). It was still worth 35$ to me though as everything seems to work with the supplied software (time shifting, sceduled recording etc). I was wrong about the number of channels. It seems to have gotten 40 channels, not 28, though some are multiple channels from the same station. No luck so far with using it with other htpc front ends though (nero home worked but only found 11 channels and medio didn’t work). At the full price of 60$, I think you could find better for a few dollars more but it seems pretty good for 35$ shipped. In the US at least, it seems to pick up broadcast HD channels just fine (this unit seems to be very much geared towards use with an antenna). I got all the major channels in the Dallas area anyway (and several channels I never knew exsisted). Now its causing hard drive space issues though (400MB for a 3 min video clip, time for another hard drive). You have to love those HD file sizes. So far as I know, it can only record mpeg but I’m about to try converting a sample clip (to h.264 so my 2600xt can decode it). is a very nice free program if the chipset inside that thumb drive is the same as some of the other listed hdtv tuners: