USB trouble




I am facing a strange problem. I have three external USB storage drives. The first one is an IBM TravelStar 20GB, next is Transcend 40GB and the last one is Freecom FHDPro 60GB.
The first two drives were working fine and dandy on my computer for a very long time. However, one fine day they both stopped working with my comp. They were detected as USB devices but the Device Manager showed them as Unknown devices under the USB tab. However, both these external drives work fine in any other computer that I connect them to. So this rules out the option that the drives are bad.
So I connected the third drive to my computer and voila! it works fine. On all the ports that I checked. Not content with this, I connected my MP3 player and also my friends to check if they worked fine and they did.
So, I took the second and third drive and the mp3 players to my workplace and connected it to my comp over there. Except for the Transcend (and IBM which I didn’t check at office), the other drives worked fine. Thinking that there could be some issue with Windows, I installed SP2 and checked and still the Transcend got detected as an unknown USB device. So I checked it in my colleagues comps and it worked fine on every one of them. Even on the cheesy Pentium 3 440BX motherboard of the stupid accountant!
So the next thing that I did was format my office comps hardrive and reload WinXP with SP1 and install all the drivers. But even after doing this, the Transcend got detected as an unknown USB device and the rest of the devices (except for the IBM, which I didn’t check at office) worked fine.
So, I called up Microsoft Support and tried to ask them for a solution. Their reply was that they did not support hardware issues and as long as the OS is working and all installed software is working fine their asses are absolutely safe. Some support they gave me!
Transcend’s support website sucks and I couldn’t find anything on the issue that I was facing.
I googled a lot and tried solutions provided on the USBMAN website. Still zilch!
I can live with the fact that my third drive and the MP3 players work fine, but what gets my goat is the fact that the other two drives were working absolutely fine and one fine day they just gave up on me. What if the other drives do the same?
My home and work system configs is mentioned below

A7N8X Deluxe mobo
Athlon XP 1800+
KingMax 512MB DDR 400
Ati Radeon 9600
Samsung 160GB
Lite-On 411S–>811S

Intel D850EMV2 mobo
Intel Pentium4 3.06GHz
Samsung 512MB RDRAM
Seagate 40GB
Geforce 2GTS Ultra
Lite-ON 812S

I hope this information helps. If anybody has a solution, lemme know. The last option that I am gonna try is to format and reload WinXP on my home comp and see if the drives get detected, although I don’t have any hope.

Aquarius. :confused:


Sounds to me like they could be on the verge of giving out completely. If they dont work in three other computers, the chances of all of thier USB ports on ALL of the computers being bad is very slim. if the drives are still under warranty, Id send them back.