USB sticks


Recently,HD Sentinel saved some of my data (and my btt :wink: ) because I ran a surface test on a misbehaving thumbdrive and was confronted with a few bad blocks on it.
Needless to say that I copied everything over and destroyed the d
mn thing…:bigsmile:
Now my question:will there ever be extended support for usb sticks,as there is already for external harddisks?

Hi Roadworker,

Thanks for the info and sorry for the troubles with the pendrive, but I’m glad to hear the tests could help to reveal problems and avoid data loss this way.

I’d be so happy if it would be possible somehow to quickly detect and report problems with pendrives. But the problem is that pendrives, memory cards (except some CF cards) have no S.M.A.R.T. functionality so they provide no status / error / statistical information about their status.
As these devices play important role in our life and work, I hope manufacturers will add such or similar functionality to their devices - and then Hard Disk Sentinel will surely be able to provide even more, detailed information about their status.
Until that yes, the Disk menu -> Surface test functions can be used to diagnose such devices, to reveal and fix problems in all possible ways.