USB Stick problems?

Hello’ I have a problem with a 256g USB stick I have formatted the stick and I’m trying to add flac audio files. The files download fine but I go back later and some of the flac audio file folders are now empty while others are fine. Is there a tool for checking files before I download them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I suggest testing the USB stick with H2testw (link).

There are a lot of fake high capacity USB flash drives being sold, including on eBay and even Amazon. If you paid less than €60 for that USB stick, it could be a fake. This basically where a low capacity USB stick has a firmware hack to give the false impression that it has a much higher capacity.

When more than real capacity is used on a faked capacity USB stick, it starts overwriting existing data, resulting in files going corrupt or disappearing similar to what you are describing.

Sean, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did buy it from eBay and under property’s it says it’s 256 gigs but at 42 gigs all other files are erased. These are FLAC music files. Learned my lesson. Thanks