USB stick allocated drive letter; but not 'recognised'

Hmmm… got a problem with a Kingston DataTraveller 256 MB USB 2.0 stick. If I plug it in, the little light comes on and it gets accepted by the computer; but it doesn’t appear in any file manager as a separate drive letter.

Looking in XP’s Administrative Tools, it is seen and named correctly in Device Manager -> Disk drives (see pics below). If I want to unplug, it has been allocated a drive letter D: according to the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ dialogue but again this does not appear in any file manager.

Several disk recovery utilities do not recognise a drive D, and uninstalling and reinstalling the USB controllers doesn’t change things.

I’m presuming that all is lost, but in case there’s a solution I wonder if anyone has any other ideas…?

DOS doesn’t recognise it either :frowning:


Have you tried plugging your USB drive into another computer?

Hi Drage - thanks :flower: Yes I tried a couple more computers and basically the accessibility is the same. Drive letter differs in the ‘remove hardware’ dialogue, so something’s being changed; nevertheless I guess it’s FUBAR’d.

[I]BTW sorry I thought I posted this yesterday but with the ‘server busy’ problems apparently not :([/I]