USB Printer, can i make it wireless?

as the title says, can i make my Epson R265 USB printer wireless?

You have to get a wireless adapter for your printer they sell them at most electronics store or online. But not knowing where you from is hard to say what is available in your area. But I seen over here in the US they sale wireless print servers. That is one way to go.

There are two ways to go about this:

  1. If the printer is set up with a desktop PC and you would like your laptop to wirelessly print to it, configure the printer on the desktop to share it out and add it as a network printer to your laptop. This is the method I use with my mine and works quite well as I generally have my desktop on from norning to night. The catch is that if the desktop PC is off, the laptop cannot print to its printer.

  2. Get a USB network print server for the printer (example here). This is a small box about the size of a Wi-Fi access point with a network port. This shares the printer out over the network and it’s generally just a matter of configuring the PC’s existing printer driver to point to it. By connecting the USB server to a Wi-Fi access point, you can print to it via the Wi-Fi network.

thanks Sean, thats what i’ll be looking for.

i did have the printer set up as a network printer, but i think it was more luck then better judgement. i had to reinstall vista and lost all the settings. now i’ve installed 7 (clean install) and i was hoping to try & get it set up again or buy some equipment for it.

i was hoping i could do it with a dongle sized thing :bigsmile: