USB-powered winter gloves

Again, it came out,the サンコー proud USB goods. This time, when oh the glove is inserted in USB of the personal computer high, roughly roughly the strangedust extremely it becomes warm,it is!

サンコーレアモノショップ of establishment that time was start from the normal private house, it is. But there in the flooring the air conditioner for home, the slipper it is not worn also the glove doing and arrival having been packed, if meaning cold and heating it strengthens, the braker falls, therefore the private house unless electric power it is lifted, as for that as for that it was the cold place, it is. If even then the keyboard 叩 it is not, it does not become work… the hand trembles…we want such a commodity, - - - the っ! !

It is the product which is produced with the voice of such a president,! !

Setting upis the simple clear commodity that you just installin USB it becomes warm, but from this the winter production.Calling the air conditioner, immediatelyit is not warmed, around っ temporary, is and, you feel hot beingto being cold temperature of the air conditioner you do not rise,the braker it falls, it is with the air conditioner it is not attached, the keyboard 叩you must be even at such a time, whenbeing the way, the ほ it is with it is Daisuke temporary.

Being to warm just the hand slightly, because there is no either dangerousthing, surroundings being cold,just the hand is accustomed toヌクヌク HOT feeling! !

That makes sense to all of you, no? If not, pictures tell a thousand words.
Large link

This is obviously one of the great inventions of man, surpassed only by the wheel and peanut butter.

Oh yes: it is a very good way to reduce heavily the already short duration of battery charge

somebody shoot me … pls

another “crazy thing” …

Those are sweet!

Ha! The gloves are even useful! They also make pensharpeners, shavers, coffee heaters, a skin sensor (?), humidifier, nailtrimmer, a spider which walks on your head and eases stress (???), ashtray, a flowerpot speaker, scent-spreader, and a ionizer, all powered by the mighty 5V of USB!

Actually they make even more USB-powered devices but I didnt feel like counting them all.

Oh and the gloves are ~2000 yen.

How many supplementary battery are needed for computer functioning?

i’m shopping for a female friend - could you find out if they have a USB powered vibrator?

fantastic airhead!
how did we live pre-internet?

I was sure that you can find a similar thing :iagree: :bigsmile:

I dont know

Or just a power adapter.

USB fans for cooling humans were sold well in the recent summers in South Korea so I guess they can also sell USB gloves. Some office workers and school students may find them useful.

With a power adapter is reasonable, but with battery only computer will reduce its autonomy. To produce heat from a battery is very battery consuming

Something doesnt have to be sensible to sell good :wink:

too bad it’s true :sad:

Well, I don’t even like to have a notebook play a DVD-Video title with a 6-cell or 9-cell battery only. If those batteries were that powerful, I would have used them to heat wheelchair seats (for my wife.) :slight_smile: At least in South Korea, most notebook users use notebooks at home or offices where are power plugs. Similar in Japan where space is scarce and expensive and electricity cost always threatens everyone. Imagine how much one can save by heating a glove via a notebook USB port instead of heating an entire house or office room of 10 to 100 sq. m. Two months ago, the monthly electrity bill where I lived (with my wife and daughter) was just a little under US$1 because I tried to use as little electricity as possible. Running air conditioner and watching TV on a 50-60 inch screen here could easily turn that to US$1,000 monthly bill.

Sounds like the sort of idea a stupid president would come up with :wink:

I’ll add this to the list of “stupid novelty items” to watch out for when I go overseas :wink:

Did you even care to read the original article in Japanese?

I can’t read japanese. I can’t speak japanese.
My computer doesn’t even have the japanese language packs installed, hence even if I could read japanese, I would see lots of ‘???’ instead of japanese symbols.

I was referring to the (terrible) Babelfish translation that Airhead posted.