USB Power Issue

I have four systems using one xray machine. They are all hooked up by usb extension cables. The first one is connected directly but the other three are using usb extensions. the other three tend to reboot or shut off when using it. Could it be that the usb cable is not carrying the power all the way and the system is rebooting…


The power needed to run USB devices can vary a great deal. It is possible to overload a USB port to the point a device will not operate. The solution is to buy USB hubs with their own dedicated power supply. Be careful though because many hubs come with inadequate power supplies and can’t deliver much power. Choose one that has a 2.5 amp supply or greater. Depending on the number and power requirements of your USB devices you might need to daisy chain several hubs together to have adequate power to each device. USB devices that have their own power supply shouldn’t cause power issues with a hub.