Usb ports

I recentely purchased a Kingwin USI-2535 ez-connect to allow me to look into a hard drive from a laptop that I am working on. It is a plug and play device that has a usb attachment and I plugged it in and the first attempt was a sucess. I have another hard drive that I am looking at or rather trying to look at and when I plug in the usb to read the hard drive the usb port no longer recognizes the device. It doesn’t tell me that it doesn’t recognize it, it just doesn’t show me anything. Any thoughts?


are the HDDs connected to a separate power supply?


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yes, my daughter is trying to fix this lap top and is now reformating the hard drive… she wont talk to me cause she is so busy trying to get that lap top to work.

it appears that she took out the board and put it in her home computer and is re formating.

is she going in the right direction? she is pretty good with computers as far as it seems to me…

“why can you partitian a hard drive, and even though it is partitianed it still is not recognized”

At the moment, I doubt formatting the HDD was a good idea.


Have you tried rebooting your PC, you may not have disconnected the device properly for windows to recognize the change.

Your unit seems to work but reviews at newegg show a lot of disappointed people, Link

[COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial]I also recently bought the USI-2535. It worked great my a SATA notebook drive but would not work on my 4 older IDE drives. The drives would spin up and both light would come on. The W/R light for about 2 seconds. I did a lot of playing around to get the drives to work. Using the “CS” jumper helped on my Western Digital drives. On my Seagate drive I had to set it to Master. On my Quantum drive I had to remove all jumpers.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial]I am using Windows 7 on a brand new computer.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial]The biggest problem was sequence. If you do not follow the correct sequence, the computer will not find the new drive. Below is the sequence that seams to work for my system.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial]1. Connect and turn on power to the hard drive.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial]2. Connect the adapter to the drive.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial]3. Connect the adapter to the computer.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Also an FYI the Kingwin web site and users manuals are useless. They just wasted ink on the manual. If you have a need for the adapter, then you should already know how to connect it. If you don’t know how to connect it, you should not be using the adapter. Get someone that does.