USB Ports/Hub Question. (Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500GB)

[qanda]This thread is about the Western Digital My Book Essential Edition External Hard Drive (500GB). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello everyone. I just bought a WD My Book Essential Edition 500 GB hardrive. And well i was just wondering which usb port i should hook it up to. i have 2 hubs in the front of my computer. And the ports in the back. I was just wondering if it would be ok to run it threw the front hubs. Because if i connect them to the back and i want to remove it whenever i want to take my drive with me it will be a pain becaue my computer desk is enclosed in the back where my computer hardrive is. Also i heard that it will run faster threw the back of my computer rather than in the front where the hubs are. So any help on if my front hubs will work fast enough or not would be great. Thanks Alot

Oh i forgot i also just bought a little GE usb2.0 4-port hub. if i plug that into the front of my computer can i run it off that cause once again im lookin for convience to be able to unplug my stuff from the front of my computer rather than the back. (sidenote) i dont own the ac power adapter for it.

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How about trying it plugged into each set of ports, and run a program like HD Tune or HDTach to benchmark the drive? I personally don’t see much of a real-world difference whether my stuff is plugged into my back or front USBs, but you should check for yourself.

That should give you a pretty good idea of where the drive performs best :slight_smile:

finally thank you so much i will. i just diddnt know if the front ports run slower than the back ports. i will use that and check it out. thanks again.

They all should be USB 2.0.

Sometimes You’ll find it’ll work faster from the rear USB…Why don’t you buy a spare cable (don’t cost much) n leave one conected at the rear n take other one with you…