USB Plextor recognized as two drives

Good day.
I recently noticed on my Compaq PIII laptop, one “phantom” drive. Turns out that it is the same old 8-speed USB Plextor I have connected thru a usb hub. It is seen in MyComputer as CD-drive(F) and as CD-RW drive(G).
It’ quite annoying. Hm, the problem most possibly appeared when I finished burning with NERO, and when I clicked on DONE, Nero was stalling. So I went to “End task” in taskmanager, and ejected the cd from plextor.
Tried to look for answer with google, but no success. Tried system restore, still the same… I also have nero image drive active, and InCD and they sem to work fine.
Any suggestions?

Unplug the drive, uninstall them both from windows, then reboot, then plug it back in.