USB Pen Drive



Hi all.

I was thinking of getting a USB Pen Drive. It means I could finally get rid of all of my floppy disks. Anyway I have had a look different makes and bascially other than size and USB speed they all seem to be exactly the same.

Is this true?
or is there lots of info that I have missed somewhere?

Finally, If not is there a “good” make to go for?


There’s one other thing you should be researching : data throughput. Although some of them claim to be USB2.0 compatible (which is around 400MB/sec !), none of them can actually read/write that fast.


What Mr. Belvedere says is true.

Lost month (or is it already 2 moths ago??) there was an article in a Dutch computer magazine (ref. Computer!Totaal) where some USB sticks where tested. And there was a big difference in speed (both writing and reading), but I can’t remember which brand was tested best.


Cheers you two.

I think I saw some info in through speed. I think the one I saw this on was USB 1 with through speeds of 600kbs write and 3mbs read or something like that.

Hmm. Bit more research to do.



I’ve done some research on this and changed my mind a little. I have some accross a numbr of MP3 USB pen combo things. A little more expensive but obviously more useful.

So anyone with any ideas on this new topic please post.

Cheers all.


I use a Lexar, 128 mb. it runs fast enough that I can watch a music video directly off of it with no pixilation or dropouts. Not bad for a 19.95 drive. Sure beats a floppy. I am going to try a Fugi next.:slight_smile:


Currently , i have 3 pendrives :slight_smile:

1 ) Philips Keycam 008. 128mb pendrive + digital camera (makes 640x480 jpegs) 128MB USB 1.1. Built-in Li-Ion battery recharges via USB (Takes about 2 hours). Can hold around 1000 pictures or just plain data.

  1. Nameless pendrive + mp3 player (plays mp3’s without using evil transfer software). 128MB Usb 1.1. Uses 1xAAA battery for playback. Can hold around 50 mp3’s or just plain data

  2. Pendrive : 256mb USB 2.0 (around 20mb/sec i think). Just plain data.


The more research I do the more choice I have and the less I know which one to pick.

The ones I like though are,
Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra
Creative Nomad MuVo TX

Strictly only the Creative Nomad MuVo TX is a pen drive but all of them have the option of storing infomation on them.

Thanks for the info you lot posted. I think I am going to have to put this purchase on hold untill I decide waht I really want this device really to do.


yep the usb pen/mp3 player gadgets are really handy