USB not recognized by HC Secure Digital card

I have Win XP Pro SP2- 32Bit/ Intel Core2 Q6600/ Platinum P-35 MoBo. I used the live4update to update a few things except the bios update. I’m just afraid of messing something up. I bought this MSI - P35 MOBO in January of 2007.

I have a Canon G6, and it always connects either to the card reader (STOR 12-1) or connecting USB from camera to computer, but not this camera.(Canon A100Powershot)

I bought my mom a Canon A1100 Powershot camera and wanted to dump the photos onto my puter,but it never recognized it. I so happened to have DriverAgent run a scan (It’s not the full registered version, but just the come-on to pay them $30.00 to join) That report showed I needed to update the USB Mass Storage device driver, and the Standard dual Channel PCI IDE Controller.

Is there anything on the MSI website I could use to update these issues on my P35? I have USB 2.0 onboard, (two on the top of my tower,and a few in the back on the board. The camera card is a High capacity 4GB-60x PNY Secure Digital (SD) card from the camera.

Radarsync, I’ve heard is a good, free onboard driver searching utility,and better than driver agent and driver magician. I don’t know.

Thank you for any help on this issue. Jim

I think you should be able to go to canon’s site and find software for the camera, that would probably also work with your G6. Otherwise you should be able to use a card reader.

You possibly could need a SDHC card reader as the older SD card readers won’t work.