Usb memory pen

Ok ive just ordered this and one of the reviews says it has to be assigned to drive f. problem being, that my hd is drive f. Is the reviewer mistaken, or would i have to edit my hard disk?

Hi Cigar,
I,ve got 4 USB flash drives and all I did was plug them in to a USB port. Winows XP see’s the drive and assigns the next avalible drive number automaticlly. Are you using XP?

Yeah, I agree with wobble…I think this particular reviewer has his flash drive stuck …you know where…xp will just assign “next”

cheers, yeah im using xp pro, i thought this would be the case, thats why i ordered it anyway, but had that worrying feeling so i thought id just like to be sure. Cheers for the replys.

The same goes for any Windoze OS since Win-98SE.
Heck, one of my mates at work even runs his USB flash memory on Win-95 without a problem (USB1.1).

98 does not take all usb devices and did he installed it the software himself becouse 98 has no drivers for usb devices in my experience (on school we work with windows 98 allot)

For $ntel chipset based mobos use this and you’ll get answers what’s needed.

Yea, I went from Win98 to XP. I had to intsall some drivers for 98 but wasn’t sure about anything in between. :wink: