USB keyboard to boot into BIOS

Dell dimension 2300.
My problem is the ps2 port for the keyboard is not working because i get “Keyboard error or no KB present”. This is the problem my friend had before he gave me the system.
I cleared the CMOS so I also get a checksum error. But i can’t get into bios to do anything because I get stuck at the energy save screen with the 2 errors. The keyboard led’s just blink twice when booting & then go out & KB doesn’t work, but the mouse is lighting so I assume it is working.

So will a usb keyboard function during POST so that I can hit the desired keys to get into BIOS, safemode…etc. :bow:

Yes a USB Keyboard will work, Sounds like you don’t have a choice if the ps2 port is toast. Have you tried another keyboard? :slight_smile:


It wil work if USB legacy support is enabled in the BIOS setup. If this is not the default setting, you’ll need a PS2 keyboard to change that…

(Yes, I have read that the PS2 port is probably fried)

But I can’t get into the BIOs to see if it is enabled. I guessing a clear BIOS will enable it & load defaults…Right???

(BTW, I’ve tried two new PS2 KB’s)


Yepp. This is a real deadlock.

I guessing a clear BIOS will enable it & load defaults…Right???
I think so. But I don’t know if USB legacy option is enabled in default settings. Often it is not. See, if you can borrow an USB keyboard to try out.


“Borrow”… I don’t know anyone with a usb KB!!!

Hey check this out, the dell manual for the 2300 says at default the usb legacy is enabled

even if it is not enabled, the USB keyboard will work to hit the F2 key to get into BIOS, it simply will not work thereafter when loading windows and such, I have no clue why dell does it this way

And yes, just get a USB keyboard, it sure beats getting a new systemboard.

I tried two stores today & they don’t even have any usb KB’s or the usb to ps2 cable. (Life sucks in Trinidad!!!)

I got it to boot with the ps2 keyboard & started to install windows again & when finished formatting & it copied files to the HDD, it restarted (for the first restart when installing windows) & the same problem again “keyboard error or no keyboard detected” & started beeping. When I disconnect everything it don’t beep, so just the mouse & monitor & it shows the cpu speed & the memory is 128 OK!!! But I checked the usb & the both are enabled in the BIOS. I’m thinking what if I spend ($250 TT) on a USB keyboard & that doesn’t solve the problem!!! Could it be the MOBO. The air out the cpu is a little warm, nothing to talk about, but the dell bios doesn’t show the temps!!!

Today i got a usb to ps2 converter & it couldn’t boot the 2300, so it’s time to get the new board!!!