USB HUB Troubles

So i buy a 7 port powered hub from argos today in the half price sale for £12.50 get it home and its knackered so i get it replaced only to find the flightstick that i tested in it that worked the other day is now dead :sad: wether its a result of the dodgy hub i dont know as my external hard drive that i tried in it still works fine

the new hub however gets very hot almost painful to touch is this normal? all it needs is to have my external hard drive (which has its own power) plugged into it for it to get really hot.


  1. could the original (damaged) hub have knackered my flight stick?

  2. is it supposed to get really (really) hot :a

i reckon i should just get a refund tomorrow, your thoughts?

Hmm, my hub is just warm to the touch, seems strange to have such excessive heat. Also, a short in the 1st hub could theoretically short out attatched devices (I think).

is the bottom of your hub also just warm to the tocuh? most of the heat from mine seems to stem from the bottom

Yeah, just warm, and it’s right above where the CPU is in the case (it rests on top of the case). Bear in mind that it isn’t really in heavy use, just the Keyboard and Mouse on it at the moment.

The max output is 5v / 500mA (2.5W) per port, so a 7 port could be delivering a total of 17.5W with all ports loaded - if they put the power regulator in it, then it could be quite warm.

There isn’t much in a hub that actually USES power, as most of them are also capable of running without external power, with a single port powering the hub and up to 4 100mA devices.

PS. You did use the NEW PSU, I presume, and not the PSU for the old unit - a friend fried several pieces of equipment, after getting the power supplies switched while moving to another room.

yeah i used the supply that came with it, and this particular one only worked when it had the power plugged in, all it took was one device to get it to reach the almost painful temp, anyway i got a refund on it so im gonna look into getting a pci usb card which you can pick up for less than £10