Usb Hdd spin down duration program?

i have a few usb powered HDD’s and i want to change the time in which they either keep spinning or spin down in ( goto Sleep ).

i was here several years ago and i was help by someone named Auger ( or spelt similar to that ) he suggested a small program that actually did exactly what i wanted. For some reason i no longer have that program ( dont know what it was called either )

example:- one hdd i had several years ago kept spinning and i changed that to make it spin down and go to sleep after 10 minutes of no use. this was perfect. This guy Auger helped me with the small program to do what i needed it to do. well i need this program again , and have no idea what it was called or how to go about looking for it. i have done a few dozen searches but nothing .

some help again would be appreciated .

For external Seagate drives you can use their Seagate Drive Settings tool, I think there’s a similar tool for WD hdds, you can try HDDScan, and set some features there, but you can’t tell exactly what time that is for the drives, if it works at all for external drives, with some drives it does, with others it doesn’t.

hi, thanks for that , it did work for one of my drives (Seagate 5TB USB Portable ) but not the others .

i would still like to know if the guy named Arger or Auger is still here as he will know that program i am after,
And also are there any other small programs like HDDscan that i can try so i can do this to my other drives . The seagate program on their website didnt help me on this.


Afaik, HDDScan does let you chose the exact ammount of time until a drive spins down, at least old versions did.
The problem with that option is that, as soon as the drive loses power, it will forget the time you imposed and revert to its default.
What controls the time on a usb enclosure it’s actually the sata to usb controller on it and not the OS.
Some chip brands like asmedia allow you to burn a different firmware with a custom spin down time. However, some newer firmwares work in different ways and you will have to format any drive that you used with the old firmware or you will get data corruption.

so far the drives it did allow me to change spin down times to are remaining to the times i set ,

I think there’s a way to set spindown times in the Power Options. You can check the Control Panel or search the Start Menu for “Power Options”, and play around a bit.

Sorry, I don’t have a Windows machine in front of me (I don’t use Windows anymore), so I can’t give you the exact procedure, but IIRC, you click something to customize your current power plan, and set the HDD spindown time to your preferences.

i think ill just stay with what i got , as doing it the above way does not work.
thanks guys.