USB flashdrive slow Format

Bought my wife an Acer laptom (5517). Has Vist Premium 32bit, 3Gb ram, 1.6Ghz processor, and two enhanced USB ports. The question I have is the very slow usb flashdrive format time. My computer with XP takes 7 seconds to format the 2GB flashdrive, the wifes laptop takes about 5 minutes. Any ideas? The flashdrive is supposed to be usb 2.0. It is a nextech from the source canada.

It sounds like the machines are formatting the drive differently. Check to see if you have the exact same format settings and are using the exact same file system to format with (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc.) on each machine.

Also, make sure that when you do the format, all other USB ports are empty, with nothing plugged into them.

Thanks for the info. My wifes laptop which takes so long formating is running vista premium and my desktop which only takes about 5 seconds is running xp sp 3. Her laptop does have a mouse plugged into the other usb port, so I will try formating with the other port empty.

[QUOTE=Randal;2474696]Her laptop does have a mouse plugged into the other usb port, so I will try formating with the other port empty.[/QUOTE]

The mouse doesn’t count. I meant other types of unnecessary devices, things you don’t need.

The mouse is the only other item. Thanks again.

I’m sorry to say this, but Windows XP’s built-in formatter does not properly format a USB flash drive. Even a so-called “full format” took only a few seconds when it should have taken 3 to 4 minutes to fully format a 2 GB flash drive (this assumes that the 2 GB flash drive’s average write speed is around 10 MB/s). And the Windows formatter, whether it’s in XP or Vista, defaults to the so-called “full format”. My worst experience with a flash drive that was formatted using the XP formatter alone was that some of my image files got corrupted after they got on the drive. No wonder why some flash drive manufacturers provide their own formatting software to address the problem with XP’s formatter.

Thanks for the info. I have not had any issues formating any flashdrives or memory cards in XP, it has always worked like a dream.