USB Flash locks XP Explorer

I need help on getting USB Flash to work normally with AnyDVD loaded in memory.

A quick history: For last few weeks, I have been having trouble getting my USB Flash (1GB Memories brand) to work on my desktop. Whenever i plug the usb flash into my desktop, the explorer and start menu locks up until i pull it out. At first I thought I had bad USB flash until I tested it on laptop which worked.

I didnt give it any much more thought about it as I thought my desktop USB port may be defected until I registered AnyDVD on desktop and installed it on my laptop as well. That when I started to notice USB Flash will not work on laptop anymore… I went out brought SanDisk 2GB and Memories 2GB… Both wont work with 2 computers… While troubleshooting by removing each application from memory (via msconfig), USB Flash finally worked correctly while AnyDVD is removed from memory… When I restarted the AnyDVD, the USB messed up.

I am running latest version of I could “exit” anydvd anytime I need to use USB key, but i rather have it running in background and work with key… Any one have this issue??


what chipset are you running Via or intel?

have you updated your chipset and or usb drivers?