USB Flash drives Issue


I have had problems with usb flash drives on my self built pc since I put it together in Feburary.

My mobo is a Asus P5LD2 Deluxe and I am running XP Pro with SP2 + recent updates.

The issue is when I plug a flash drive into one of the usb ports, the computer recognizes it but I cannot access it. In other words, I can eject the drive with the eject hardware green arrow in the bottom right of the taskbar. But it does not show up in my computer or get assigned a drive letter.

Only Flash drives seem to not work with my ports. I have a Plextor usb cd burner that works great as well as a scanner, printer, and external 2.5" hard drive.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Does it work in any other computer?

I would take a look at it with Disk Management. This will show you if it is formatted. I guess FAT or FAT32 are the usual file systems to use on flash drives. It will also allow you to assign a letter.

But if it works in other computers, there must be some other problem.

You can get to Disk Management by right clicking on MyComputer, and then clicking on Manage.

All my flash drives work in other computers. Drives don’t show up in Disk Management either.

Thanks for your input

Well . I had the same issue. But the reason why it didn’t work was this. The hardware was found but windows did not assign any drive letters. Errors like this may appear in the following case scenarios:
1 Your windows creates a mapped drive to a network domain server(highly unlikely to your case) that assigns the letter that it use to assign to the usb stick

  • for this u have to manually assign another letter
  1. u might have installed several image drives such as deamon or alchohol or stupid protections like starforce, that prevents letter assignment

R u sure u cannot see in disk management?

Sometimes specific USB Controllers [Via/NF] have problems that cause flash drives to hang/not work. Else maybe something in your security policy or something like that… I’d try using an NEC based PCI -> USB2.0 card to see whether they work with that.