USB External KIt & DOA problem with 716A




i tired two different usb external kits & i could not burn cds & dvds using DAO when 716A is connected via USB; however, ieee1394 worked (only one of two had ieee1394; usb only kit has an ali chip & combo kit has a cypress usb chip)

does this mean DAO is impossible when 716A is connected via USB? should i return the kit & get a different kit? because not all of computers have ieee1394, i like to get an usb kit

please share your opinions & experiences with external kits



search results for “external 716 :wink:

I had a PX-716A in an unofficial case myself as well and it would prevent me from hitting 16X when reading and writing. When I switched it for a real PX-716UF the problems were gone. In the search results I posted you can find a lot of people having problems with the PX-716A in an unofficial case but also a few that had success. I can only recommend you read through these results and find a case that people had success with. Good luck and let us know if you need more help!