USB External Drive Enclosures

I have a BYTECC ME-320U USB External Drive Enclosure, works great for hard drives, but not for an internal NEC ND-2510A. Windows XP sees the USB enclosure (with ND-2510A) as a Mass Storage device, but can’t resolve it to a DVD drive. The same ND-2510A drive is quickly recognized using a simple BYTECC IDE to USB adapter. I get the same result on three different computers. No special drivers are supplied with the BYTECC Enclosure. Anyone have any suggestions please?

I forgot to mention, I tried all different jumper settings, including no jumper…same result: Windows XP recognizes a Mass Storage device, then says there was a problem installing the hardware and it may not work properly. :confused:

I would also appreciate suggestions on other USB drive enclosures (brand or source) that sucessfully work with DVD drives ( I also have NEC ND-3520A and NEC 3540A internal drives I need to convert to external).
Many Thanks,
Air Billy

might want to search out the enclosures threads. it appears to me there is something with the enclosure that needs to be changed. it also might be that the chipset for the enclosure is not compatible with the drive.