USB Ext RW slowness



Just bought for a friend the cheapest External writer I could find - Iomega 48x24x48 USB2.0 (see it on

Once installed it will not burn faster than 4x write 4x rewrite.
Before you say it, yes it is plugged into a USB 2.0 port.

So, which of the following might be causing the problem?

1- Software (currently using the pants bundled iomega hotburn program because Nero could not see the drive :frowning: )
2- USB drivers - what can you tell me about these? Win 98SE plugs and plays USB2 PCI but are there better generic drivers out there?
3- Something else?


Ashamed as I am, I cannot tell you wether 98SE supports USB2.0 (at full speed)… but I may be able to give you a hint: are there perhaps any other (USB1.1) devices connected to the controller? If so, unplug them and try again!


Does win98 see the drive as a external cd disc?
It might sound a stupid question, but if iomega hotburn is the only thing that see’s this for what it is, maybe the crap software is part of the problem.

Just a thought, does your friend have the official (and up to date) drivers for his motherboard / USB2 card? I only ask because if youre only using win98se drivers then I think they are just the usb1.1 variety.