USB DVDRW Drive - Any thoughts/suggetions?

Just to paint you a picture.

I’m building a 2nd backup PC in a cupboard (yes there is going to be loads of cooling!)

And the monitor/keyboard/speakers/USB Hub etc will all be in the room next door.

Due to this, I’d like a DVDRW drive that can plug into my USB2 hub (which has a lead back to the PC)

So, I guess I have some questions:

Will there be a problem (speed wise) connecting a DVD Burner to a USB Hub connected to the PC.

If there is a speed issue (perhaps data getting through) then I assume the DVD Burner would work fine if perhaps I just burned at a slower speed (I normally only burn at 8x anyway despite having internal 20x drives on my current PC)

This is only a 2nd PC, so I’m just looking for a basic burner, reliable, good burn quality and good read quality.
Does not have to the the fastest on the planet.

Black and Silver would be me colour choice if possible :slight_smile:

I’ve found this (here in the UK)

Freecom 29510 20X External USB DVD?RW/DL/RAM Silver - Retail

Or this:

LiteOn DX-20A3P-03C 20X USB DVD?RW/RAM External - Retail

Wondered if you had any views on these two drives, or to what I propose doing in general?

Many thanks.

I’m also a UK member :slight_smile: and have a USB2 LG drive that I got in PC World ages ago (GSA-E10N).

I would recommend LG because they’re very robust and produce quality burns IMO, but of the two you picked I’d choose the LiteOn. With Freecom, you never know what you’re getting inside.

With my LG, on one of my PCs the fastest I can do is 8x, on the other I can squeeze 12x out of it. But like you I burn at 8x anyway, so choose quality over speed.

Samsung is another brand you may like to consider - I have Samsung internal drives and again they’re great burners, plus they’re very good at reading as well, even mistreated or deteriorated discs.

Hi :slight_smile:
LG or Samsung would be my choices.
Freecom are often Samsung drives.
Though they do use Lite-On & LG too.
8x for burning externally is probably universally agreed as the best bet.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

Interesting you both suggest LG as they don’t seem so common as LiteOn.

How does the LG rate (or Lite-On) rate against other reader/writers.

As a few months ago (after reading these forums for advice) I bought a Pioneer DVR-112 as it was considered to be one of the best BURNERS and a Lite-On LH-20A1P as it was supposed to be an even better READER.

The reaon I though Lite-On initially was that I’d found my model has sometimes read DVD’s or CD’s that the Pioneer had been fussy over. Hence I thought was a good brand.

But for a few extra £ I’m happy to go with something else.

However this IS only a 2nd PC and to be honest, if I could find one dirt cheap I’d even consider something olderm poss even not a burner.

Albeit, if a burner is only an extra Tenner than just a reader, I may as well spend the £10.

Again, thanks, and also welcome to anyone elses suggestions on a good (and yet well priced) external USB drive that’s not a fussy reader and also a good writer.

Remember (if it makes a difference) I’m not plugging into the USB port of my PC, I’m plugging into a HUB which has a 5m USB Cable (I did not mention that length did I) to the PC’s USB port.

The LG can be slightly fussy if the media isn’t terrific (either quality-wise or condition-wise), but fed quality media, it’s one of my favourite burners, along with my Samsung drives. :slight_smile:

However, if you’re looking for an overall good reader as well as burner, I’d go with Samsung if you can find an external one (they do exist).


Odd as I’ve never really head of (or thought about) a Samsung model.

Pioneer, NEC, Lite-ON etc are all the brands I normally see.

Will see what’s out there for sale in the UK shops.