USB DVD writer not recognized




I have NeroLINUX running on Ubuntu Wharty on my laptop and it’s running sweet with my
internal CD recorder (a QSI model).
I also have an external USB DVD writer (Ricoh MP53126DEX). It is recognized by Nero on
Windows, so that model is known to NeroAPI. The DVD writer also is recognized and usable with
XCDroast/cdrecord, which means that it is properly recognized and usable with my linux installation.
NeroLINUX, however, does not see the DVD writer on the USB bus.

Does somebody have an idea about this? Is there some configuration info that I should post?




First of all, make sure this device is recognized as a SCSI device. (Have a look inside /proc/scsi/scsi: You should be able to see it listed in this file). Secondly, add RW permission for user to the corresponding sg device file. The problem is that cdrecord is maybe running suided root and your device file is not writeable for the user.

Finally, make sure that the device is not used by any other applications when using it (not mounted or anything else).


mathf, thank you for your super-fast reply.
I’ll look into that and post again whether this was succesful or not.


I have the same problem with a non recognised USB DVD burner. Linux Xandros recognises it fine but nero does not. I have a file in that first SCSI folder with no extension to it called SCSI. it is 0kb so i doubt there is anything in it. How do i open it and how do i add my USB2 DVDburner to it. Its a NEC 3540.

(Also am a major newbie at Linux so please dont get too technical).



Maybe try ‘modprobe sg’ as root. Most of time this can help :cool: