USB DVD Burner Won't Read Discs



Hello all. I have a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S USB 2.0 drive and just recently I noticed it will not read discs anymore. Just last week I watched a DVD on it, worked perfectly, and haven’t used it since until today. Now no matter what kind of disc I put in (I’ve tried CD’s, CD-R’s, DVD’s, DVD-R’s) it makes noises that it didn’t used to make and after a bit it just sits there. The light blinked and everything just like it did before. I check and Windows says there is no disc in the drive. I tried using a lens cleaner on it, still nothing. I think maybe it’s not spinning the disc, and that’s why I’m hearing noises I didn’t hear before? Like I’m hearing the lens adjusting and moving, but the sound of the spinning isn’t drowning them out anymore? If this is the case is there any way I can fix it? And also let me know of other reasons it may not be reading discs. Any help is appreciated as I cannot afford to buy another burner :sad:

– Jaden –


Ok, I have determined that it is spinning the disc. If I put in a DVD or DVD-R it spins for a lot longer than with a CD. I had (in a way) the same problem with my PS2 and disc read errors. I opened it up and adjusted a dial to change the distance (and i think angle) between the laser lens and the disc surface. Is there any way to do this with my DVD burner? Although I would imagine if I did that it would be useless for burning purposes?


Mine won’t read/write CDs since a rather bad burn during which I fell asleep. The drive ejected the disc and stayed open until I noticed it the next day. DVDs actually read better than they used to, but CDs don’t seem to spin up all the way (despite the drive attempting multiple times) and aren’t recognized at all. If it’s worth it to know, it’s broken at least one CD-ROM by, I guess, spinning it too fast. I upgraded the firmware and reset the calibration data to no avail. Any ideas, or am I stuck with a non-working drive until I can afford to get a new one?