USB Device over current status detected



So my friend is building a new comp for me…he got everything put together and went to boot it up…the ASUS screen pops up…but then after it gives us this message: “USB Device over current status detected” comp shuts down after 15 sec

i have been searching online and have found its common among ASUS boards…i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to do?


Does this board have a jumper for “usb on while powered off”? What is the exact name and model number of this board?

Added: On some modern motherboards the USB ports remain powered even when the computer is turned off. The Asus P5W DH Deluxe does this.


It is an Asus P5Q P45 mobo…not sure if it has that jumper will take a look


You can read through this.


Look at 2-22 in the manual and see if all three usb jumpers are set to not start from standby.



I’ve got exactly the same problem as the athour of this topic.

Can anybody help me, must be the jumpers on the +5V or +5VSB-mode?

Thanks in advance