USB burner

I’ve purchased two different USB connection cd burners for my Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop (PIII 450, win98 SE).
Neither unit works reliably, buffer underrun errors, especially when copying music CD’s. The only thing the units have in common is the USB connection and the Adaptec software that comes with them.
Any Idea’s… TIA

try setting the speed a bit lower

I’Ve tried lowering the speed with no success…same results. My latest contact with the Pacific Digital rep. has him wanting me to reload (or load) a chip set control file from the intel developers site. Since I have no idea of what the file does or how it will affect my computer I’m hesitant to load it.

I have no idea what chipset your motherboard uses, but if it is a VIA chipset you could try to load the USB filter from the VIA website.

Both the PC and the laptop should have sufficient system resources to be able to burn a CD through USB, but you can not use the PC or laptop for anything else when doing so (try disconnecting any other USB devices that might use bandwidth on that)