Usb bluetooth wi-fi dongle, any tried?

Hi. Got writing problem, so bare wiv me. Not v experienced wiv PCs. Mostly use library or friend’s.

I have an old Sony Vaio PCG-505FX MMX266, 4?Gb HD, one usb slot + Windows [98 I beleiv]. Also got S200i slot wich ifink is “firewire”. Would make it 1000 Xs more useable if it had:-

A:- More RAM. What is/how do i find out fitted & max installable. Think 256mb at mo.
B:- Bluetooth/wi-fi usb dongle, combined. Heard that 1 was ok but wireless was hard 2 set up.

I am on incapacity so £ is V tite. Dont really want 2 have 2 use a port bus if poss. Willing to go 2 shop/person if they cood install & get running 4 me at good cost. TN22/TN2 area. Any reccomends greatly thankd.

I don’t think Bluretooth USB dongle will work with Windows 98.

sounds like a old laptop not worth the $ to upgrade replace it.