USB A - USB C Cable For Phone Charging From Desktop USB HUB

My Current old phone Galaxy S5 Mini. ( Beast )

i have just bought new galaxy s22 plus phone and also bought the 45w charger to charge it which has a USB C connection and other end goes in wall PowerPoint, now what id like to know is, sometimes while at my PC ill have my phone next to me and instead of going and unplugging that 45w charger from the other room i will charge my phone via my USB 3.0 Hub 5v2a ( Red USB A charging port ) which is powered by a wall PowerPoint, so it can charge while next to me, ( i know this may be slower than the 45w charger ) but what i want to know is,
are there different USB A - USB C cables Volts/Amps or faster cables,
or are all USB C - USB A cables the same volts/Amps.
is there USB 3.0 A - USB C, Or are there just USB 2.0 A - USB C, or maybe there’s a USB A to USB C convertor Plug that i can plug into my Red USB A port to accept the USB C to USB C cable that came with the phone ? which may do the trick.

PS: I dont have any other types of ports on my hub or PC.

any help appreciated.

I have the S22 and I don’t think the cables make that much difference ( But I could be mistaken ). The power source to me seems to be the difference. I ended up getting this( )to put by my laptop.

ok thanks , i have also looked at a similar product, looks like most are 10w or 15w, which may be ok i think… i may also have some questions about certain apps that i dont know what they do and would like to see if you know what they are and if i can safely disable them or uninstall, i have googled most so far but a few still leave me not knowing .but that will probably be in a week or 2.

If the maximum output of the hub’s charging port is 5V/2A, it will never give out more, regardless of the cable you connect it with. USB3 will never be as good at charging as those new-generation, high-power charging standards, like PD, IQ, or QC.
You can buy longer USB cables which can still get you high power charging with your phone charger, but some of those cables have a microchip in them unfortunately. In theory that microchip serves as protection for your device, in practice however the chip is more often than not a possible compatibility issue, stopping your charger to give off enough power to the device.
Try to get a longer, high quality charging cable, certified for 45W or more charging power, and use your phone-charger all the time, if you need faster charging.

Ok thanks for reply. Just bought a usb 3.0 usb A - USB C cable. Its doing 11% every 10 minutes. This is good for while at my desk. If i need faster ill use the 45w charger. Thanks for all advice.

Can i list some apps here from my s22 plus phone that id like to know what they do and if its safe to disable them or force stop or uninstall. If not ill create a new post.