USB 3540A won't recognize DVD-RW



My USB version of the NEC 3540A won’t recognize a DVD-RW I created. I used an LG GSA-2166D DVD burner to burn a DVD-RW disc but when I tried to put it in the 3540A, it claims that it is a blank disc. It works fine in stand alone DVD players and a friend’s internal NEC 6100A DVD+RW burner.

Anyone have an idea what is wrong and why this is happening? Thanks for any help.


Search for an 3540 firmware update and ALSO for an chipset firmware update fror your USB enclosure.
If you have found some, perform the updates, then test again.


I have updated to the official 3540A 1.03 firmware with no luck. The drive came pre-assembled in a LaCie designed by F.A. Porsche case. I have no idea what the chipset is or how to update the firmware.


Maybe you should visit the LaCie support pages.


Thanks for the advice. I did check the LaCie website, however it didn’t have anything about the device that I have. I probably won’t worry about it too much since I am satisfied with the burn quality of the drive.