USB 3.0 PCI-E Controller vs Multiple USB 3.0 HDDs

Hey All,
I got myself a bit of a conundrum here! - A while ago I got a USB 3.0 PCI-E Controller (2-Port powered via molex, connected to PCI-E 1.0 Slot)
I have three USB 3.0 Hard Drives (A WD Essentials, Buffalo, WD Internal Drive in External Hard Drive Enclosure). The WD Essentials and the Enclosure-d Hard Drive are connected all the time but not powered until I need them and then only one a time. However, if I use the USB 3 cable from one of these hard drives to connect my final hard drive it works for a short while before disappearing from the system, why? it is the only one connected so there can be no conflict.

I am using XP and have ran into this problem before however I never found a solution except to reinstall windows and only use two devices, no matter which two.

Can anyone provide any assistance?

After a little digging I have come across an update for the chipset used on the Freecom USB3.0 Controller, which is a NEC (now Renesas), that should resolve the issue - it is accordingly to others a combination of a unstable driver and a power management issue.

I used the driver from here:

I will let you know if it works, although I may need to flash the cards chip to fully check - only I’m not sure which to use yet.

Sounds like you got it sorted, but I’d say its certainly the controller doing this. Worse case replace it, even with one of a different brand using the same controller - since some have better firmware support than others. The driver should be the same regardless, all NEC chips should use the same driver.

Here, the NEC controller uses driver dated 1/22/2010.

As it turns out it did not solve my problem, and I could not flash the chip as it is not recognized by the flashing program, I think the flashing is for motherboards onboard chips and not for the controller cards. The driver did however let me use the drive for longer before disappearing.

It also allowed me to browse and rename some files, probably for as long as I wanted, but when I start a transfer of files to the drive it will get so far (different points) and then disappear! why?

If anyone has some suggestions to getting this controller card working, please help!

You also have USB-3 controllers in the HDD cases. Have you verified the same problem with different HDDs using different enclosure chips?


which motherboard is in your PC?

I had similar problems with the first USB 3 card I bought and could never transfer more than 1 movie at a time before it would disappear. I took it back and bought a rocketfish brand from BB and it has worked flawlessly. I have copied 1.4 TB and it never dropped out for the several hour copy. Both of them used the same chip and both showed up as a Renasas. The cards looked very similar but the performance was drastically different. After upgrading from XP to WIN 7, it has remained good to go.