USB 3.0 device shown off during CES

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Two companies are using the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a platform to demonstrate storage devices based on the new USB 3.0 format. Seagate and Symwave worked together to have…

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1GB in 3.3 seconds? Holy crap, I can’t wait. Now all I need is a hoverboard and I’m all set.

1GB in 3.3 seconds?
Same speed as E-SATA. Where is the improvement ?

E-Sata can’t power devices by itself (yet)
E-Sata is not backwards compatable with USB1 and 2.
E-Sata is not a popular consumer port used by many different manufactures for many different uses
E-Sata cables are not really ment for constant movement. They are way to thin and unprotected.

eSATA is not supported well with some software. I have two programs that will de-activate if you open it with an eSATA drive connected. eSATA is great for speed, but a PITA do deal with sometimes.

esata is stupid…usb3 will kill it off once and for all

dlanthem, that doesn’t really make sense to me. What is the software ?
eSata drives are usually connected to the motherboard like any internal SATA drive, using a standard SATA cable from the PC backplane to the motherboard, the external connection is just an extension of a that SATA cable from the motherboard. At least that is my understanding.
Maybe the software is deactivating for the same reason Windows sometimes deactivates when you change your hardware. It thinks you are on a different computer because you modified the hardware. That is lame…

Actually eSATA is 3 Gbps and USB 3.0 is 5 Gbps

Very nice!

USB 3.0 is one thing that has my interest enough to go for some sort of upgrade. Everyone uses USB to transfer info to and from a PC to or from some sort of portable device, be it a flash card or a camera or a music player whatever. I also hope we see portable music players with USB 3.0 capability soon. This is an exciting tech!

Let’s hope they do not connect USB3 to the Southbridge and connect it to the Northbridge instead. Otherwise that 5Gb/s will be meaningless.


The software is Phase One Capture One a professional RAW digital image conversion tool. It deactivates because it sees eSATA as a change in hardware. It is a problem in the software I have been talking with them about for many months. It would work fine if I left the external eSATA drive on all the time. However, I have 11 external hard drives with almost 200,000 high resolution digital images on them. I only spin up the drive I need for the time I need it. I use firewire and USB 2.0 because Capture One does not de-activate. I also have problems with PhotoShop…however that is quickly fixed…Phase one is not.


Now all we need is hdd’s that can push past sata’s limitations and can actually provide speeds that would require USB 3. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until USB 4 to come out before hdd manufacturers can fully utilise USB 3. Maybe they should have just made USB 2.5!